What are my obligations when it comes to health & safety ?

Ever since the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 was introduced, legal obligations have been placed on employers to ensure safe working practices are in place to protect employees and others. In spite of this, many SME business owners and managers fail to implement good health and safety practice. Often this is because they think it is too hard and involves too much paperwork.

Additionally businesses are required to take precautions where potentially hazardous substances are being used. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 may also sound scary, but again it really needn’t be. Central to these requirements, is the need to carry out appropriate risk assessments and then to put in place appropriate actions to maintain a safe working environment.

3 easy ways to create health & safety and COSHH risk assessments

  1. Access pre prepared online risk assessments – every Bizblocs customer receives unlimited access to the Bizblocs risk and COSHH assessment database. The database includes risk assessments created by our risk experts for a wide range of common risks and hazardous substances. The database is growing all the time as we add new assessments.
  2. Edit and adapt saved risk assessments to new jobs/situations – once you have downloaded a risk assessment, you can edit it to tailor it to your individual business or project circumstances. Having done this you can add it to your own cloud database of risk assessments and access it any time. You can also reuse it the next time you have a similar project with the click of just one button saving you time and effort.
  3. Create new risk assessments using a simple template – if the Bizblocs database doesn’t include a risk that you need, you can use the simple, step-by-step online template to create your own new risk assessment. Having done this you can add it to your cloud database. Even better – if you share your risk assessment with us, once our risk experts have reviewed it we will add it to the central Bizblocs database and send you a discount off your subscription (subject to acceptance/approval of the risk assessment).