Case Study

As with most charity run clubs, it is down to a small number of stakeholders to look after the numerous tasks during the season. Unfortunately, this information is usually spread over various pc’s and across a number of software packages. As clubs grow it’s increasingly difficult to control how and what is being produced and shared.

As one of our initial test clients, Dings Crusaders Rugby Football Club began to use Bizblocs from an early stage. Initially it was used as a storage point for their contacts, supporters and sponsors. Moving forward the club stakeholders began by using the cloud based facility for invoicing and general administrative needs.

The club has recently moved to a stunning new facility Shaftesbury Park on the outskirts of Bristol. Bizblocs cloud-based approach to health and safety provides Dings with a straightforward hub which includes policies such as Safeguarding and Health and Safety. Thanks to Chris Lloyd and his team and good luck for the season.