Bizblocs designs cloud based applications, providing simple tools that empower business owners and managers. Firms and individuals become more effective at delivering projects whilst meeting health & safety and risk management requirements as well as managing staff and assets more efficiently.

Documents including project documents, risk assessments and client/user manuals are stored in a single database for future reference. Work safe. Deliver higher standards. Perform better. Become more successful.


John McGowan


 John is the original Bizblocs customer. He built the first version of the system himself as he needed to take control of staff, working on complex projects for the likes of Rolls Royce and The Bristol Port Company. John has run his own successful SME business as well as acting as an advisor to a range of other small to mid-size businesses, predominantly working on engineering and construction projects. John is a ‘hands on’ Bizblocs user as a number of the tools were designed to meet his needs. John owns Bizblocs operations and is the voice of our customers.

Martin Palmer


With John, Martin is an investor in Bizblocs. Together they have funded the business to this point. Martin has a corporate background in strategy and marketing leadership (financial services). In additional Martin has been an owner of an SME business – TFTuned Suspension. He works part time as Consultant Director of law firm Clarke Willmott as well as being a founder of Bristol FinTech supporting South West based FS and Tech firms. Martin leads on business development and marketing for Bizblocs.

Greg Grimwood


Greg has over 30 years experience developing a range of systems and applications for corporates and SMEs. Supported by a team of freelance developers and designers Greg has built Bizblocs v1.0. Greg is our Technical Director and takes the lead on all matters relating to the application and it’s development.