Save the Modern Slavery Helpline

Without urgent funding, the UK Modern Slavery Helpline will close on 30 November. Because of this thousands of victims across the UK will lose their only chance of freedom. For more info or to give now, go to #DontLetHerGoUnseen #ModernSlavery @MSHelpline.


Since 2016, over 15,000 potential victims of modern slavery – including many British nationals – have been identified across the UK through the Modern Slavery Helpline. And the number of calls is increasing. July 2019 was our busiest month ever.

At the same time, key income has been slow to secure, leaving us with a major funding crisis.

We need to raise £800,000 to not only save the Helpline today but to also sustain it in the long term. Without immediate donations the Helpline will close on the 30th November 2019.

This is not a marketing ploy, it is reality. And men, women and children across the UK will remain enslaved and unseen.

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