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5 tips for adding value to your construction business At BusinessBlocs we have studied many small and mid size firms working in the construction industry, from builders to electricians, plumbers to carpenters. We have discovered a number of features of businesses that manage to grow successfully and deliver more value for the owners:

Client communication Successful firms put their client at the centre of any project. They communicate their planned work clearly from the outset, throughout the work and importantly at the end of the project via a clear client ‘hand over’.

BusinessBlocs suite of branded client communications from start to finish in your project will keep your client informed and more importantly impressed.

Quality There is a clear difference between “cheap” and “value”. The successful firms separate themselves from “cheap” firms by delivering quality at every step of a project.

Project management In smaller growth firms, projects are too often run from one day to the next with insufficient planning.

The BusinessBlocs project tools help you to plan out projects as well as producing comprehensive briefing documents for staff, contractors and clients ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Risks assessed and controlled With an ever enthusiastic Health & Safety Executive carrying out “spot checks” and clamping down on any H&S breaches (and of course issuing fines) there is a need to keep on top of risk assessment and management throughout projects. The best firms seem to make this seem easy, but in reality they are well organized.

BusinessBlocs project and risk assessment tools make these potentially onerous tasks easy to deliver, at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere.

Staff excellence All the best firms have well trained, hard working, client friendly staff. They deliver what is expected when it is expected.

BusinessBlocs project and staff tools support everything from day to day management of the job to staff training and monitoring of any issues and incidents.

For further reading on subjects relating to quality management especially in relation to projects and health & safety check out the following:

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